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John Dean a.k.a Graphic Wizard is a graphic designer from the majestic land that brought you “The Beatles” and “Black Cabs”…

Born in the 80’s during the best Music era that brought us the likes of Van Halen, Metallica and surrounded by comics, pencils and some of the coolest cartoons to grace the planet. He was magically transported into a world full of art consisting of halftones, bright colours and badass cartoons.

His disciplines are primarily in Branding & Illustration, with quality over quantity at the forefront.

Made With Magic!

Change Is Coming

Change Is Coming

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“The only thing that is holding you back, is you.”

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Some more infos about myself.

Unlike many other designers out there I never planned on going into Graphic Design but always had a passion for Art from a young age. I graduated college with honors, and began expressing my creative art by painting custom body work within the automotive industry.

But one day just under 2 years ago I was introduced into the mystical world of Digital Art.

I have been working closely with Clothing Brands, Sports brands, drinks companies and more… During this time I have learnt valuable skills in Brand Identity, Advertising, Print, Photo Manipulation and much more…

Currently working for a brand called Gamma Labs™ – a company dead set on providing the best athletic performance supplements to athletes, in which I have worked closely with their main Energy Drink brand G FUEL™ & alongside athletes in the NFL, NBA, MMA & more…

Unique Design

Nobody wants to be ordinary, whether it’s a logo, promotion or even a business card, every measure is taken in the research to make sure your design is Unique.

Custom and Creative

There are a lot of designs out there in our magical planet, I use every trick in the book to make sure each design is created from scratch and creativity is the centre focus.

Store Updates

Yes, I have a store where you can purchase anything from logos, stickers, branded merchandise & even the odd hat to keep you warm in winter.

Customer Service

Customer service is something that is very important to me, I feel very strongly that a happy service equals an even happier customer experience.

Oh & I also blogs sometimes!


2. October 2016 in Design

Overcome creative block.

This is something that each and every one of us has faced at one point or another. There is one thing to bare in mind and that is there is…

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21. September 2016 in Design

Personal Branding

Welcome to yet another Blog post, today I decided to briefly go over the new update to my brand, and the reasons why I decided it was time for a... Read More
6. September 2016 in Design

Movies Galore!

Welcome to this blog post about my Movie Collection project that I recently finished, this project I set myself ran for approximately 10 weeks. The idea behind this project was…

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6. September 2016 in Design

Fifty Shades of Logo Design

So if you are one of those active people that follow me on Twitter or Behance, you will be aware that I did a project a while back on Behance….

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24. April 2016 in Design

Graphic Wizards Apprentice!

The topic of today’s Blog is “Inspiration”, over the time that I have been designing which if you are not aware is a pretty short time. I mean I have…

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24. April 2016 in Design

My first dribble shot.

So my main portal for my work has always been Twitter and Instagram with big projects going on Behance, but a great friend of mine called Ollie just gave me…

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