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Graphic Wizards Apprentice!

By 24. April 2016Design

The topic of today’s Blog is “Inspiration”, over the time that I have been designing which if you are not aware is a pretty short time. I mean I have always been interested in Art from when I was a young kid drawing Turtles and Sonic characters, which also led me to respray custom cars which my Granddad inspired me to do and eventually led me into Digital Design which I have been doing since June 2014.

During this time I have had numerous messages and emails from people aged 10-20+ who have been inspired by my creations, and some of which have led them into a career path of Art & Design. Every time I get one of these messages it really does make me sit back in my chair and think to myself if I can inspire this one person to make a career choice, then it’d be a dream come true if my children wanted to go down this road too”.

This brings us to the topic of this blog…

So 1 year ago my eldest Son “Sean” really took a liking to the art I was producing, I mean he was always interested in my previous work of customizing import and American cars, I mean what kid doesn’t like loud cars, turbos and custom paint-jobs? But, he was so inspired by art that he started drawing himself and creating things. I was so impressed, this also bought us very close together as we both share the same interests now.

This also led to a friendship with a close friend of mine called Alexis Gerard, many of you will know him as Icy Bomb. I met this creative artist one day and now I class him as a close friend and my Son saw his artworks one day and instantly fell in love with his style too. His art style differs from mine greatly, to many it may look very dark but this goes to show how different each designer/artist can be.

His style is derived around a “heavy metal” inspired lifestyle, and if you would like to see some of his works be sure to head on over to his website.

Icy Bomb also saw a keen interested in Sean and has since sent him a care package full of inspiration as well as a personal letter, which was inspiring and still sits in my Sons glass cabinet.

Inspiration is an amazing thing, I am inspired daily by other artists but for own first born to be inspired by his Father is one of the best feelings in the world. Who knows maybe in another 10 years it will be me who is inspired by my Son’s work.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your coffee whilst you read this.

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