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Meninist Branding.

By 24. April 2016Design

Hello and welcome to this blog post today.

I had a very out of the blue Email from the Owner of Meninist today, I had followed Meninist on Twitter for a long time, if you are not aware they are the opposite to a feminist, and post male related content and you should check them out for a giggle.

They reached out to me to commission me to take care of their brand and revamp the logo they originally had. We went through dozens of original concepts before we decided on an identity they felt very strongly about, the final sketch concept we decided on was a bearded man with the face consisting of a letter M which can be seen above.

The main brief was that no matter what happens there has to be a bearded man in the logo and that there needed to be an ‘M’ clearly visible. As with every commission I always start with around a bakers dozen very quick but rough sketches, and get those down to 3-5 rough concepts to show the client.


Out of the five that the client was shown he instantly got attached to the 5th concept, so from there we started shaping the sketch of the logo (can be seen at the top of this blog post) and this soon became the face of Meninist.


Since creating this brand I have worked with this company numerous times on a mixture of commissions from brands – digital advertisements. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this and finally if you would like you can view the logo here or check out the full identity package on behance here.


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