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Movies Galore!

By 6. September 2016Design

Welcome to this blog post about my Movie Collection project that I recently finished, this project I set myself ran for approximately 10 weeks. The idea behind this project was to take the foundations of what I loved about the “50 logos in 50 days” study I did and push myself into more of an illustrative environment.

Much like the rest of you I have always been crazy about movies, from the likes of the most classic Disney movies all way to the present day movies like Harry Potter and 50 shades of grey. With this I decided what better way to push my art forward than to create these iconic movies in my own style, as with 99% of what I create everything always starts with a sketch whether it is a logo design, poster or even a sticker or badge….


I can honestly say that every morning that I woke up whilst I was doing this project, was the best time of my life. Everyone can draw if they really want to but watching these little drawings take shape and turn into really rad illustrations was an amazing feeling from someone who had never really delved into the work of illustration before.

As the project started to grow on social media as I was posting each one day by day, a now good friend reached out to me about printing these creations. At the time I was not sure I wanted to go down that road but as time went on I thought to myself “Hey , why not!”. So once I had finalised this project we worked together in producing these little pins and stickers, when I visited the print shop I was amazed at the shear size of their printer. The printer they use is called an Arizona OCE 350GT “feel free to google it”, or just scroll down and view the video we recorded of it printing the illustrations for the pins below.

Since completing this project you can clearly see that this has gone into full production and I like the thought of this, knowing that young kids will have them stuck or pinned to their bags or stuck to their desks gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I honestly cannot wait to see them working their way around the web, mentioning that I recently ran a giveaway for these where 5 lucky people will win 1 lucky bag each which includes some random stickers and badges.

The winners of this giveaway were:

Ben Grey • Daniel SchmierTom • Connor O’BoyleLaurent Beuten

Looking forward to see where these winners intend to put there stickers and badges, with any luck they will tweet me a few images and I can update this blog post with them for you to see them too.

Thank you for reading this blog post, you can also view the full project on my Behance. So lets wrap up the post with some pictures of these bad boys!


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