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My first dribble shot.

By 24. April 2016Design

So my main portal for my work has always been Twitter and Instagram with big projects going on Behance, but a great friend of mine called Ollie just gave me an invite to Dribbble. I had never really looked into it before but I really see the potential of this networking source, I love how the whole platform is invite only, it means that only great content is uploaded to their site.

So for my first post I had 3 ideas in mind:

  • A ball inside a hat
  • A GIF of a ball bouncing
  • The tree from wizard of Oz playing basketball

After doing some research on Dribble I came to the conclusion that the best way to go would be the tree concept. The ball in a hat was very generic but then again your first idea is usually the most common, I also noticed that there are 1000’s of GIF’s on Dribble of bouncing balls and yes I could have advanced this idea to add a splash of Magic, but I honestly felt that I could get across more creativity with the Wizard Tree concept.

So I started as I always start which is with a pencil & paper sketch for the main concept, then transferred to Adobe Illustrator for the main line work and just kept adding details. The main idea changed over the course of the day, it started out with a tree with a “let’s do this” facial emotion with a ball next to the stub.

Then I changed up slightly to add Jordan shoes and arms to the illustration but felt that the arms were too “hands in pockets, BORED!”, so I decided to move his right arm up in the air doing a rock gesture holding a magic wand, and move the ball up slightly and added a hand below the ball to give the sense that the ball was levitating by magic.

I finally had all of the line work down, so at this stage it was time to start inking this small piece. I went with a bright color palette of pinks for the ball, light wood tones for the bark and human skin tones. I started first with the ball and then moved onto the skin, then onto the tree, once I had the flat base tones down I then added the shadows and then to that added the highlights.

Now that the piece was pretty much complete I added a very simple background featuring a simple rectangle in blue and added a few little shape elements just to fill the scene slightly.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this mini story.

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